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I’m so proud of  I opened this world-wide subscription support site in April, 2011 to provide 24/7 access for those who follow the MM lifestyle.

On the site, you will have state of the science answers to your MM questions. It’s an information site AND a support site.

Miracle-Ville’s information is accurate and reviewed by Diane Kress or her site administrator.

Just type your question into the Search Box and get immediate answers that you can trust.  If you can’t find an answer, you can ask for MV to help you find the answer; and we will.  If you have a personal questions regarding the program, you can send it directly to Diane Kress!


-Need a food log checked?  We’ll do that for you

-Want to watch a short video on a topic that confuses you?  Check for Diane’s video answers

-Want to chit chat with MV members?  There’s a room for that

-Looking for delicious MM recipes?  We have hundreds of them

-Holidays?  We have the answers

-Need a gentle kick in the pants to get you back on track?  We can do that!


If you have The Metabolism Miracle and/or any of the "Miracle" books written by Diane Kress...this is THE place to be. It enhances your whole journey... providing tools and resources above and beyond the pages of the book.

We are a peaceful, helpful, cohesive group living The MM lifestyle and we support each other and learn together!

Join Diane Kress and members of MV at the ‘Ville!

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